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Whom Do I Tell About the Meeting?

Once you have established a day, time and location for the meeting, register it and its officers with SCA Intergroup (or The International Service Organization). Please include a name for the meeting. Pick a name that best describes the overall context of the meeting.

What If Nobody Comes to the Meeting?

Be patient. Meetings can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months before they start to catch on, sometimes even longer. Don't be discouraged. However, to speed up the process, you may wish to have the meeting announced at other SCA meetings, or hang flyers at appropriate locations. An example of an inappropriate place for a flyer is a telephone pole or shopping center. In smaller communities, contact therapists, hospitals, clinics; or possibly post information at other 12-Step fellowship meetings such as AA, AL-ANON, OA, NA, etc. Some publications have lists of community activities including 12-Step meetings. Since confidentiality is part of the backbone of our program, please be careful and considerate in letting others know about the new meeting.

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